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My "weekend" sadly has not been relaxing, but productive yes!

Yesterday was my only day off for 3 weeks, so I went shopping with one of the neighbors, Brandy, who is very sweet. We hit Winder's first "adult" store which had a great selection of incense, Indian clothing, and Chinese satin hanging lamps. I got a couple of cool skirts. It was Target that did us in. I got a bathrobe and some jewelry, sadly failing in my quest for another pair of pants that fit.

Then I realized what time it was and freaked, since I was late for a [ profile] darkblade's b-day party and had to drive Brandy home before driving into the city to pick up [ profile] bheansidhe and take both of us to the party. The party itself was muchly fun with some of my fav people in attendance and very low-key.

Sadly, J had forgotten I was coming home for dinner and had eaten without me. I was kinda pissed but he gave me some wings for dinner and did the dishes he making me dinner tonight!

After taking [ profile] bheansidhe home I sat down to FINALLY watch Serenity that [ profile] reprobayt had given me. It was verah verah cool. Interspersed with the movie was laundry and minor cleaning. Afterwards I dumped all the things I'd been avoinding putting away on my bed so I had to deal with it and cleaned my room. Then I got ready for work today, making lunch, packing bags, more dishes, etc, etc. Also, feeding sick boys many cups of tea. It was one by the time I went to sleep.

I got about 6 hrs sleep and have been dragging all day. Luckily I have 2 procedues to do and then I get to go home!


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