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There's a lot going on in my life right now, and I feel t times like I have 3 full time jobs, plus social stuff.

First of all my work continues to be quite hectic. I'm still seeing 25-30 patients a day, getting out between 5:30 and 6 PM most nights. Also, I'm still signing off on charts for the new doctor. Since school is about to start, there are as well school forms for myself, the new doctor, and the fill in doctor all of which I have to do. Then Friday my boss gave me research to do for him. :P

Then their is my second job, aka finding a new job. I've been pretty much continuously looking for the last month or so. This also involves lots of emails, phone calls, and trying to set up interviews in the 5 days off I have for the rest of the year. Frankly, I've not finding much in the Atlanta then there is all the moving, timing, selling the house, etc bull**** that goes along with that fact. But I keep waking up saying "I just want to go home" even when I'm at our house. So I guess it's time.

Right now the best prospect I have is on Cape Cod, where I was born. So if you can and would like to, please send up thoughts/prayers/candles that I can get that job if it is where the gods want me to be.

Of course, there is also the house, which might as well be another full time job. Almost every second I'm not doing one of the above things, I'm working on the house and/or garden. With Jason working 4 days a week, I'm having to do a lot more at home even though he is still helping out.

As far as the animals, the dogs are just fine and Tiggr seems to be doing ok despite his early stage renal failure. He's lost a lot of weight despite the special diet.

Jason's health is another big thing right now, but not something I seem to be able to get anywhere with. I've tried 5 ways to Sunday to get him evaluated, but no luck. He hasn't had any episodes in a while, but I'm still worried about him. Quite worried actually.

My health seems to be fine, except all the dieting and exercising are NOT working. I'm very very frustrated about that. Also, I'm having to get a lot of dental work done, which is both time consuming and expensive.

Money is about the only thing that is solidly and regularly ok right now. My job my suck but at least it pays well. I'm able to do what we need to and extend some help to others when they need it. Which is great, but doesn't alleviate the fact that almost every one I know is in a bad situation of one sort or another. I know that this is just the way the world is right now, but unremitting misery sure does wear on the soul somewhat. especially since most of the time there is very little if anything I can damn well do.

So no deep thoughts here, really. But that's my current life.

Ah life

Jul. 11th, 2008 03:47 pm
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it's bigger...bigger than you etc. Or maybe crazier. Things have been pretty nuts lately. Nuts, hectic, stressful and so on.

In the last few months we've had many unexpected expenses. Jason's shoulder injury, Jason's foot Xray, our roof repair (which has taken more than 6 weeks to push past the insurance co which should be done next week), my car tune-up with it's subsequent discovery of the need for a fairly major repair, my new tire, and my glasses finally giving up the ghost (though they've served me well for about 7 years so I can't complain). Plus a rash of family bdays, holidays, etc.

Most of this we've been able to deal with one way or another. We haven't (yet) yapped out our savings or even had to touch it except for the roof repair. We did have to use the credit cards a bit but less than $1000. I'm anxious about how much longer we can juggle things this way but it'll work out. The proverbial nail in the coffin was the discovery that J's student loan payment is $200 more a month than they had said. Thank god we sold the other house!

All this has left me kinda out of touch with my f-list, for which I apologize. I haven't had a whole lot of time or energy for meet-ups, mush less liquid cash. I do lurv you all but due to gas prices I'm also limiting my trips in to town to a few times a week, and frankly not a whole bunch of folks are wanting to trek out to D'ville. I'm doing things with folks as time and mula allow but if I miss an event or can't see you trust me it's not from lack of desire.

I know compared to many in the world, much less the country, much less on this flist- well we're very well off. Frankly I'm not sure what's gonna happen with my job but however long it lasts is good. I should have all the stoof done for the board by September at least. I have absolutely no idea what's gonna happen next but I'm sure it'll be an adventure.
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This is a synopsis of the things currently bothering my brain:

Work: Aaaaaagh stress. Getting better, no errors for going on 3 wks, had one "perfect" documentation day. Now on day 4/6 straight and boy does it get old quick. Still, love the kids, like the parents, hate the papers but on the whole not so bad. Sloggin myself into doing work reading every day is getting harder, but so far I'm managing to keep up with the 2 journals/chapters I'm supposed to do a day.

Car: Back in April, a woman who can not drive back into my car which was parked across from her yard on a street 3 cars wide. She won't pay for the damage, she won't call her insurance, and now she is denying it ever happened to my insurance company. Also, now whenever we go over my friend's house we can't park anywhere in front of thier yard or they call the cops. BITCH< OWN UP! So don't need this.

Money: Also slowly getting better. I'm starting my own savings account today to make me feel less controlled and also cuz it earns good interest! This month the bills will get paid and J. should get his first pay from his job soon which goes straight to our credit cards. I really want my balance paid off this year but we'll see.

House:REALLY need to move. Found one place I like but getting any info on it is proving very difficult. I can't for real start house shopping until money stuff improves, plus being hindered by promising J that his brother could stay in the current place for a year (aka until next June). So I guess it'll have to wait but not "killing" his brother is becoming increasingly hard.

Relationship: Despite an almost fight Sunday, we're doing pretty well. All the intensive work on myself is beinging up some of my issues, which mean that J is having to deal with them too. He's really trying hard, which I appreciate. Hopefully we can bond some this wkend at con.

Dragon*con: Yes it's suppossed to be fun but between the no money and the no costumes and my current feelings about my body, it is stressing me out. Today I have to pack after doing laundry and such. Hopefully I'll spend some time with J and also get to see my friends and enjoy some puppy pile time. Or maybe I'll just collapse.

Spiritual/self: Working really hard on past stuff to evolve into something better. Also studying my pagan path a lot more. tiring, but worth it in the end. Between my shrink, my vision quest work, and my reading assignment from my priest it can get veyr hectic. I'm also noticing some changes in how I experience things and some odd out of the corner of my eye visions.

Body:I'm sleeping enough, eating enough most days though not always on the schedule I'd like, and taking pretty good are of myself. I'm not working out in the GA muck though, which needs to change. sadly our AC is broke, which means even in the house is not comfy. I'm trying to increase my fruit/veggie intake by eating an extra fruit bar a day and having either fruit or veggie with dinner every night. A gym membership is out because of the money thing, so I'll just have to find ways to self motivate.

I earned it

Aug. 6th, 2006 11:37 pm
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...but damn today kicked me tuckus!

J and I didn't get to sleep until after 3 between the drive home, the stop for warm food, and the canoodling...and we were out the door by 9 AM to go pick up my car. Sorry it was so early P.

Then of course, I had to work, which really was fine today though after only one day off both of the last 2 weeks, I'm not looking forward to the same again this week! And the office manager already warned me tomorrow afternoon will be rough. Why do all the parent leave the back-to-school visit until the week before school starts?!?

After work, only slightly fortified by my first cup o' joe in weeks, I dragged my self over to the gracious Oji's to wait for [ profile] paldin43 and our (supposedly) weekly pagan session. When he finally got there (at the agreed upon time I was just early), it was pretty good. And hopefully he was chastened enough about not showing up last night and canceling on me last minute last week!

I dragged my asshome, barely awake enough to drive and more than slightly wonky and threw myself into the bed, only to have J. join me slightly afterwards. We ended up napping together for 4 or 5 hours.

I'm still exhausted, but feeling better after some water and some dinner. But damn I wish our AC would work! it hasn't gotten below 80 in here in weeks and weeks and tis interfereing with my sleep. Which I should go do some more of now since I have to work tomorrow. *sigh*

Sleep well y'all
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Money To say things are tight is almost laughable at this point. I fail to understand how I have a raise and still barely enough to pay the bills and none at all for books, music, movies, dinner out, or al the little things I though a doctor could afford. Things like a gym membership and a therapist are right out for the time being. We're also having to cut out non-essentials like Netflix.

Work Slowly getting better I think. I've been driving myself crazt being obsessively careful but hopefully that will pay off. In the next week of so we should get to the end of the unpaid hrs spent going over charts together. In October if all goes well, I go full time. I don't really want to be working more hrs but at this point I'm looking forward to the money.

Family My brother is awaiting the birth of his son. I asssume my sister is doing OK. We technically talking but in reality not so much. I have to send an update to family and friends about the transition, etc when I find some spare time.

Relationship Things with J and I personally have been really good lately. He's looking for a job but in the meanwhile I get a house husband which menas no dishes or vacuuming for me. Unfortunately, our neighbors have decided that since he's home he's available to DM for them 24-7, which is very annpying and about to get the kaibosh (sp?)!

His f**-in brother Supposedly has several job offers. He better take one soon. The rent is due today and J better have it in hand when I get home or there will be explosions. He quit, so it's not my f-in problem if he has to take it out of savings. I think I'll ask their father to have a talk with him as well

Health So-so. I've been keeping a diet log which reveals that I rarely eat more than 1500 calories a day though too much of it is in carbs, so I'm trying to eat more protein. I'm sleeping enough but not all that well due to stress, so I'm still tired many a day. I really REALLY have to get on more of a schedule. And meditate. And long baths. The list of shoulds is longer than that but depressing so I'll stop now.

Other My loverly [ profile] sibylla's B-daze is Sunday, so I'm on present watch for just the right thing. And some ppl are getting together Saturday evening, which should be grand. Also, Lady K is having a get together that morning which I'm gonna try my damndest to get to.

Work this week: Today 2-6, Wed 9-1, Fri 2-6, Sun 10:30-2:30 Doesn't look toooo exhausting.
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As much for myself as anyone one else who might read this at the latish hour it is.

Doctors are not perfect. They will, despite checking refernces, using calculators, and in every other way trying to do their best, make kistakes anyway.

This does not make them a bad doctor so long as they listen to the pharmacist when they question the dose, or the patient when they say something is not working or is having side effects. This makes them human.

And if you are lucky enough to find one who will admit to the mistake, apologize and correct it, then you are indeed lucky for doctors are a stiff-necked and arrogant breed.

Ask any questions you may have. If I state something you have said incorrectly, correct me. Feel free to question me until you understand what the treatment plan is, and what the next step will be. But don't expect perfection, because it doesn't exist except as an illusion, and I believe it is more important to be real with your patients that to pretend you are perfect.

Last night

Jul. 17th, 2006 04:12 pm
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Yesterday I had a somewhat intense day.

It started with rolling myself out of bed and into the car in time to meet my Pagan teacher, but forgetting shoes.

We had a lovely outdoor session where I had it drummed into me yet again that I can't in fact do it all by mysslf, at least not healthily.

Then I met up with [ profile] ashlupa, Sean, and [ profile] shaddragon for the most ridiculous gnostic mass ever. After throughly cleansing myself with water, we went and had sushi.

I made a pig of myself at Rusan's since I hadn't eaten anything all day, then since Elena had never been to a doughnut store we took her to Krispy Kreme for dessert. mmmm glaze!

After I got myself home, I had to get ready for today, my first day at work. So I did:
2 loads of laundry
cleaned the bathroom
mopped the bathroom and kitchen floor
took out the trash
took a coooool bath (ugh the AC)
laid out clothes and read until I could sleep.

More on the 1st day later
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HAHA! Today I reign victorius in the computer realm for I have:

Found with much diligence and restored my old but functional version of iPhoto!

Found a driver for a supposedly PC only wireless card and connected to the neighbor's wireless network. Yes, I am on the couch and on the web. What joy!


Jun. 20th, 2006 03:06 pm
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Many thx for all the kind birthday wishes.

It was in fact, very faboo.

It started early with shenanigans in Athens with J. and a couple of friends from his work. We got home wat after midnight but damn was that chocolate milkshake good. :D

When we all finally moved in the morning, J. and I dropped them at home and then trhe suprise plans began. First we went to the GA aquarium....mmmm, water. It was quite fine though very crowded and I saw (and touched!) some amazing sea life. J and I have an aquarium tradition, and he has an oustanding "get Sarah to seawater" assignment, so it was sweet in many ways. Next, we hit the World of Coke, one of the few things left on his "try to turn S. into a Southerner" list. It was actually not bad, especially all the cool old adds tracking the changes in attractive over the years and the tasting of cokes from all over the world.

After running around the city, and discovering that Habersham winery has a tasting spot in the Underground, I was whisked off to Krog Bar for wine and olive oil tasting and then to Rathbun's to be spoiled utterly by the chefs since they all know J and I. We were sent out several very nummy things that we didn't request and I just adored my lobster taco! We were going to skip desert since we were stuffed but instead were given a platter of: home made blueberry ice cream in tiny lil cones, cantaloupe sorbet, fudge chocolate chip cookie with coffee ice cream on top, kahlua ice box cake with marscapone filling, and best of all orange creme brulee topped with fresh cherries. Ah, the food-gasms!

Finally, we stopped at a bookstore to pick up necessary things before heading to meet Tonya at Cheetah's for industry night (free drinks!) and she and I spent all night examining hoochie shoes and pointing out boob jobs.

I was exhausted by the time I got home, but I had a damn fine time. :P

Rumors of a party in July to celbrate my graduation and "officially old day" continue to circulate, so we'll see.


May. 23rd, 2006 10:46 am
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let's see, what going on.....

I think I'm disappearing....somehow I fail to find out about events going on with people, and when I have been somwhere and participated in something I feel is significant I fail to get mentioned even though all the others onvolved are....who knows maybe I'm dreaming said events.

I've had 3 days off in the last 6 weeks and all three of them were jam packed with stuff. most of it has been good, but exhausting. This "weekend" started going out with J and some cooking ppl until 2:30 Am post call. Saturday began with a 5 hr medical coding smeinar, followed by a marathon of planting with the vivacious [ profile] bheansidhe followed by a small but interesting party at [ profile] reprobayt's place. Sunday I got up early, packed for camping and spent the rest of the day driving up and down 400, clearing camping sites, bushwacking, hauling logs, and putting up several tents. On the way home J. called and I ended up meeting his dad and stepmom with our friend LaTonya for mega-sushi-marathon. It was yummy.

Yesterday I was on call, and of course it was the only day J. had off in the last week. Call was excruciating by dint of the fact they sent up 8 patients in less than 10 hrs of the late night anf early morning. I'm about done but I have multiple errands to run before I can crash/boom at home bothfor camping purposes and for keeping my job (they set a time limit on certain paperwork)...barring bad news this week I get my residency diploma next friday!

38 days left, including a week off for my 30th birthday and J's and my 2 yr anniversary!*bounce*
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In the good news I signed my job contract today, so barring catastrophe I have a good paying relatively low stress position.

Also, J's restaurant in Vinings is open and so far things are going well (except the fact that he is working doubles with no day off for the forseeable future.)

There should be a major post here about life, the universe, and the pull between societal and self definitions, but since I got home at about 5 I've:

loaded and unloaded the dishwasher
done 3 laods of laundry and put 2 of them away
made dinner for tonight and call tomorrow, then eaten dinner
found out I have to testify tomorrow in a sex assault case
cleaned up the puppy pads
vacuumed the lving room
and watched a very provocative movie...

Time to go crash/boom now I think!
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First of all, its Friday the 13th - ACK!

My week has been largely uneventful. Working 10+ hr days and the cimmute has been about 2 hrs each way due to the gross incompetence of drivers in the ATL. There were 2 wrecks and a fire just on 85S just one my way in yesterday.

The only social activity I've done was a lil while at [ profile] tygerlilly's bday dinner yesterday evening. It was good for everal reasons. One I had 3 hrs in between work and the dinner, so I made a ton of phone calls and spent time catching up/relaxing/unwinding at JavaMonkey. Also I got to see several people there at a place I'd never been, Cafe TuTu Tango. It was very interesting and the tapas were nummy.

Sadly, I got home after 10 PM and am runny at a huge sleep defecit for the week due to switcing from evening ER shifts to a get up early schedule, plus I haven't gotten home before 7 PM any day this week- argh! I'm working this weekend but I get MLK day off at least-woot!

The list of things I must get done in the next 3-4 days are:
Get my liscensing paperwork done
Apply for the $1400 baord exams
Take down the Xmas tree
Make somethig yummy for weekend call, prolly cheesecake
Visit CVS for meds, receipt for tax purposes, and camera battery
Further fix my CV
Actually see J awake and maybe even eat a meal together

Opptional but hopeful events are:
Thorough cleaning of the bathroom
Make a coffee cake
FINALLY get to use my trampoline
Take the neighbor's dog for a couple of long walks
Dinner with the neighbor girl Monday if I'm cogent
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My "weekend" sadly has not been relaxing, but productive yes!

Yesterday was my only day off for 3 weeks, so I went shopping with one of the neighbors, Brandy, who is very sweet. We hit Winder's first "adult" store which had a great selection of incense, Indian clothing, and Chinese satin hanging lamps. I got a couple of cool skirts. It was Target that did us in. I got a bathrobe and some jewelry, sadly failing in my quest for another pair of pants that fit.

Then I realized what time it was and freaked, since I was late for a [ profile] darkblade's b-day party and had to drive Brandy home before driving into the city to pick up [ profile] bheansidhe and take both of us to the party. The party itself was muchly fun with some of my fav people in attendance and very low-key.

Sadly, J had forgotten I was coming home for dinner and had eaten without me. I was kinda pissed but he gave me some wings for dinner and did the dishes he making me dinner tonight!

After taking [ profile] bheansidhe home I sat down to FINALLY watch Serenity that [ profile] reprobayt had given me. It was verah verah cool. Interspersed with the movie was laundry and minor cleaning. Afterwards I dumped all the things I'd been avoinding putting away on my bed so I had to deal with it and cleaned my room. Then I got ready for work today, making lunch, packing bags, more dishes, etc, etc. Also, feeding sick boys many cups of tea. It was one by the time I went to sleep.

I got about 6 hrs sleep and have been dragging all day. Luckily I have 2 procedues to do and then I get to go home!
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I haven't updated in a while, mostly due to the sheer amount of running around since I recovered from the bug I had.

The illness lasted 5 days which knocked out all of my New Year's time off but at least it didn't mean calling in for any more days off.

Since then I've been working between 8 and 10 hr shifts in the Egelston ER which is interesting but really hectic. I got home at midnight last night, slept about 5 hours before getting up to come to clinic this morning and from here I have to go back to the ER making for a 13 hr day, 16 if you count the driving. At least I got nummy Flying Biscuit brekkie today!

The plan for tomorrow is Rin's b-day party and a little shopping with my neighbor where hopefully I'll find a 5th pair of pant that fit or perhaps another hippie skirt . Eeeeeek I still need to find a present!

All in all I'm doing fine though a bit stressed out trying to get my liscensing papers done, DEA app, board exam app while working....I definitely not keeping up with the housework...perhaps that'll get better after I'm on a more regular schedule. Also on the exciting list is the fact that Jason graduates really soon which brings up some other money issues and stuff but is definitely of the good.

Evil plans for soon in the future include painting the bathroom and bedroom, legally changing my name, playing on my new trampoline , getting back to some craft or another since I've been taking a knitting break, and the looming threat of taxes.

Look for letters to/about some of my bestest friends soon, which is my New Year's resolution to tell pople how much I think of them.


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