Aug. 19th, 2005

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Happy Birthdaze to [ profile] kyoki_tenchi!
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So, the week in review:

Last Friday was call which was fine and I slept most of the day Saturday. Sunday I cleaned the entire house (not that you can tell now) then visited with Oji...apparently J got home about 1/2 hr after I left but I didn't see him. I couldn't sleep that night and got about 3 hrs sleep before driving off to the plane.

The trip there went off without a hitch other than extreme fatigue. When I got into Philly I forgot what rental company I had a car from but eventually figured it out and got a VERY cute PT cruiser for less than 50 for the day. I drove into town and had visits with my brother and his best friend, lunch with a good friend from med school, and afternoon coffee with another friend. It was good to be in a city-city and I actually kind missed philly!

The wedding was beautiful. I don't have the words to describe N's dress, but they both looked insanely happy and her 2 dogs were very cute as flowerdog and ringbearer. I wish I could have stayed for more than just the ceremony...we got a few pictures and then I ran for the plane.

I got to the airport in plenty of time and on the plane without a problem. Then I got a phone call that my keys (house, car, everything) were in the rental car. Sadly the plane was already on the runway where we sat for 2 hrs with me unable to get my keys! Luckily I got hold of J who met me at the airport and half carried me to his car and home. I got 3 hrs sleep that night as well.Supposedly the keys are in the mail but I've been driving J's car all week.

Tuesday call was exhausting on 6 hrs sleep in 48 days and I've been playing catch-up ever since then. Wednesday was dinner with J's dad which was loverly and very fancy. We got a kitchen TORCH!!! Tonight I rest before call tomorrow and no days off for 3 wks. :P


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