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First of all, its Friday the 13th - ACK!

My week has been largely uneventful. Working 10+ hr days and the cimmute has been about 2 hrs each way due to the gross incompetence of drivers in the ATL. There were 2 wrecks and a fire just on 85S just one my way in yesterday.

The only social activity I've done was a lil while at [ profile] tygerlilly's bday dinner yesterday evening. It was good for everal reasons. One I had 3 hrs in between work and the dinner, so I made a ton of phone calls and spent time catching up/relaxing/unwinding at JavaMonkey. Also I got to see several people there at a place I'd never been, Cafe TuTu Tango. It was very interesting and the tapas were nummy.

Sadly, I got home after 10 PM and am runny at a huge sleep defecit for the week due to switcing from evening ER shifts to a get up early schedule, plus I haven't gotten home before 7 PM any day this week- argh! I'm working this weekend but I get MLK day off at least-woot!

The list of things I must get done in the next 3-4 days are:
Get my liscensing paperwork done
Apply for the $1400 baord exams
Take down the Xmas tree
Make somethig yummy for weekend call, prolly cheesecake
Visit CVS for meds, receipt for tax purposes, and camera battery
Further fix my CV
Actually see J awake and maybe even eat a meal together

Opptional but hopeful events are:
Thorough cleaning of the bathroom
Make a coffee cake
FINALLY get to use my trampoline
Take the neighbor's dog for a couple of long walks
Dinner with the neighbor girl Monday if I'm cogent


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