May. 30th, 2006 07:52 pm
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I arrived on th land about noon on Saturday. Before I could even set up I had a crowd of friendly hugs and reassurance welcoming me into my adopted family, which was just the balm I needed for my bruised soul.

Camp was set up in short order and within the hours I was showing my friend M and his partner Merchant's Way, browsing through pendants, tapestries, and tie-dye. I ran into the rest of the crew down there, holding a yard sale. Despite the nasty humid day we sat and talked and hawked our wares very persuasively! By that time, being sweaty, we girls agreed to go jump in the lake to cool was unspeakably wonderful! After dinner was main ritual, which was as usual both solemn and comedic especially as a bunch of independent people raising upright stones turned out to be a challenge, but all was eventually done. Afterwards there was a drum circle and lounginf around the fire as well as the arival of J, who I was incredibly happy to see after 4 days and all that drama.

Sunday was even more leisurely and I finally actually relaxed *gasp*! I woke up, had some nummy breakfast and then napped in the hammock for a few hours. Miss [ profile] sibylla gave me a wonderful foot bath/massage and pained my toenails teal! Eventually J and I went down to the lake and had some food. I went swimming a few more times and then listened to the Emerald Rose concert until the people got to be too overwhelming. Then I retired across the lake and listened from there. We all had some incredible bacon chili cheesburgers for dinner and drank and talked. The crew was mostly scattered this night, much to my chagrin, but it was still lovely except that J's back was killing him and it was stifling hot in the tent so we slept outside until it cooled down and then crawled back in to snuggle. Sadly both [ profile] paldin43 and [ profile] ashlupa had to leave us and I missed them both esp as I hardly ever get to see Ash anymore.

Monday I made breakfast for everyone, though I neglected to ask J how much he wanted which cuased a bit of friction later since he felt I was solicitous of all except him. Everyone started to pack up after that and drifted home in dribs and drabs. We had wanted to go to one of our favorite wineries but by then J and the 2 Ms were too tired and hot so we just went home.


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