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Jul. 15th, 2006 09:19 pm
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The trip started off with me "missing my flight" by 5 min due to stuuuupid regulations that wouldn't let me on the plane even though I was there 40 min early. Quel domage!

But after no sleep, rebooking, and several hours stuck in the airport, I did get there. Sadly, the delay meant that I could not go to my sis's and sleep but instead we had a North Jersey adventure trying to find the location of her job interview. I had a short Border's trip during the interview and then we went and saw Pirates pt 2 before me crashing hard core.

Day two was devoted to walking all over Manhattan. Chinatown with yummy lunch, the long search for Pearl river market but eventual success, Union square farmer's market with fresh cheese, bread, and raspberries for dinner, watching a capoiera circle, and then the joy that is St. Marks. I found the shawl of destiny, beautiful raw silk double woven in peacock blue and green with vines on it, but alas could not afford it. Still i came back with some lovely things.

Day three was the BEEEEACH! We set out for LBI which is way far south but where my sister was having her surfing lesson and had a pleasant day in the sun and the water. Sadly, Ange was gone for 3 hrs rather than the schedule one, which meant we got back to the city late, etc so after a 2.5 hr treck viz public transport, I only got the see my beloved [ profile] descentbeckons for an hour before she had to sleep cuz of call the next morning.

Not much happened the next couple days. Ange didn't really feel like going out and after the late night and rush back to get her her car I dozed through most of Monday. We did have another short book store trip where I found Waifs and Strays for the plan trip home.

Frankly the last day was torture. Nowhere to go, little sleep as is usual for me before I travel, and the lovely weather of most of the trip had given way to the hot and muggies of Jersey in the summer. Also, so much time in the house gave me plenty of angst time to notice all the things Ange has from our mom's house and made me sad all over again that the dishes which I treasured all got borken in shipping. I did watch Treasure Planet, clean the living room, and managed only to forget my "Leave me ALONE" towel *pout* Hopefully it'll make it's way via mail soon. We fought our way through rush hours traffic and I made the flight home.

Mostly, it was a good trip and I'm glad I went.


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