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This is a synopsis of the things currently bothering my brain:

Work: Aaaaaagh stress. Getting better, no errors for going on 3 wks, had one "perfect" documentation day. Now on day 4/6 straight and boy does it get old quick. Still, love the kids, like the parents, hate the papers but on the whole not so bad. Sloggin myself into doing work reading every day is getting harder, but so far I'm managing to keep up with the 2 journals/chapters I'm supposed to do a day.

Car: Back in April, a woman who can not drive back into my car which was parked across from her yard on a street 3 cars wide. She won't pay for the damage, she won't call her insurance, and now she is denying it ever happened to my insurance company. Also, now whenever we go over my friend's house we can't park anywhere in front of thier yard or they call the cops. BITCH< OWN UP! So don't need this.

Money: Also slowly getting better. I'm starting my own savings account today to make me feel less controlled and also cuz it earns good interest! This month the bills will get paid and J. should get his first pay from his job soon which goes straight to our credit cards. I really want my balance paid off this year but we'll see.

House:REALLY need to move. Found one place I like but getting any info on it is proving very difficult. I can't for real start house shopping until money stuff improves, plus being hindered by promising J that his brother could stay in the current place for a year (aka until next June). So I guess it'll have to wait but not "killing" his brother is becoming increasingly hard.

Relationship: Despite an almost fight Sunday, we're doing pretty well. All the intensive work on myself is beinging up some of my issues, which mean that J is having to deal with them too. He's really trying hard, which I appreciate. Hopefully we can bond some this wkend at con.

Dragon*con: Yes it's suppossed to be fun but between the no money and the no costumes and my current feelings about my body, it is stressing me out. Today I have to pack after doing laundry and such. Hopefully I'll spend some time with J and also get to see my friends and enjoy some puppy pile time. Or maybe I'll just collapse.

Spiritual/self: Working really hard on past stuff to evolve into something better. Also studying my pagan path a lot more. tiring, but worth it in the end. Between my shrink, my vision quest work, and my reading assignment from my priest it can get veyr hectic. I'm also noticing some changes in how I experience things and some odd out of the corner of my eye visions.

Body:I'm sleeping enough, eating enough most days though not always on the schedule I'd like, and taking pretty good are of myself. I'm not working out in the GA muck though, which needs to change. sadly our AC is broke, which means even in the house is not comfy. I'm trying to increase my fruit/veggie intake by eating an extra fruit bar a day and having either fruit or veggie with dinner every night. A gym membership is out because of the money thing, so I'll just have to find ways to self motivate.
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Money To say things are tight is almost laughable at this point. I fail to understand how I have a raise and still barely enough to pay the bills and none at all for books, music, movies, dinner out, or al the little things I though a doctor could afford. Things like a gym membership and a therapist are right out for the time being. We're also having to cut out non-essentials like Netflix.

Work Slowly getting better I think. I've been driving myself crazt being obsessively careful but hopefully that will pay off. In the next week of so we should get to the end of the unpaid hrs spent going over charts together. In October if all goes well, I go full time. I don't really want to be working more hrs but at this point I'm looking forward to the money.

Family My brother is awaiting the birth of his son. I asssume my sister is doing OK. We technically talking but in reality not so much. I have to send an update to family and friends about the transition, etc when I find some spare time.

Relationship Things with J and I personally have been really good lately. He's looking for a job but in the meanwhile I get a house husband which menas no dishes or vacuuming for me. Unfortunately, our neighbors have decided that since he's home he's available to DM for them 24-7, which is very annpying and about to get the kaibosh (sp?)!

His f**-in brother Supposedly has several job offers. He better take one soon. The rent is due today and J better have it in hand when I get home or there will be explosions. He quit, so it's not my f-in problem if he has to take it out of savings. I think I'll ask their father to have a talk with him as well

Health So-so. I've been keeping a diet log which reveals that I rarely eat more than 1500 calories a day though too much of it is in carbs, so I'm trying to eat more protein. I'm sleeping enough but not all that well due to stress, so I'm still tired many a day. I really REALLY have to get on more of a schedule. And meditate. And long baths. The list of shoulds is longer than that but depressing so I'll stop now.

Other My loverly [ profile] sibylla's B-daze is Sunday, so I'm on present watch for just the right thing. And some ppl are getting together Saturday evening, which should be grand. Also, Lady K is having a get together that morning which I'm gonna try my damndest to get to.

Work this week: Today 2-6, Wed 9-1, Fri 2-6, Sun 10:30-2:30 Doesn't look toooo exhausting.
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Last night the plan was to go home and sleep.

This was quickly derailed by the need to do dishes and laundry and grocery shopping on the way home, and make a coffee cake to celebrate my med student matching.

So I got to bed about 9 PM when all was said and done. Which would have been fine except...

J. was drinking after work with his crew as usual and went to far. Luckily he called me instead of driving himself home.

However this did meaning driving to downtown to pick him up at 3:30 AM, then taking him home, and turning right around to come to work. So now I have a full day of work where I am the intern for the afternoon while my intern is in clinic before I can go home in evening rush hour traffic.

I am tres grumpy and need more coffee! Tonight I'm going home, taking a bath, having J make me dinner (he's off today) and I will be in bed by 8 PM goddess willing.


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