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Because my love can NOT make anything for just 2 people (at least he cooks for 5) there was leftover french toast batter. So I had french toast and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee for breakfast.

I got to work OK with no more than the usual very slow or very fast can't use a signal and slam on the brakes with no warning drivers.

I'm scheduled for 18 patient in less than 4 hours. I've only seen one so far and there isn't even a second in the office yet. Add to that the fact that we have no running water fot the 2nd day in a row and you can imagine the madness here. *sigh*

HELP! Why isn't it Friday afternoon so I can go camping yet!?!


Jun. 20th, 2006 03:06 pm
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Many thx for all the kind birthday wishes.

It was in fact, very faboo.

It started early with shenanigans in Athens with J. and a couple of friends from his work. We got home wat after midnight but damn was that chocolate milkshake good. :D

When we all finally moved in the morning, J. and I dropped them at home and then trhe suprise plans began. First we went to the GA aquarium....mmmm, water. It was quite fine though very crowded and I saw (and touched!) some amazing sea life. J and I have an aquarium tradition, and he has an oustanding "get Sarah to seawater" assignment, so it was sweet in many ways. Next, we hit the World of Coke, one of the few things left on his "try to turn S. into a Southerner" list. It was actually not bad, especially all the cool old adds tracking the changes in attractive over the years and the tasting of cokes from all over the world.

After running around the city, and discovering that Habersham winery has a tasting spot in the Underground, I was whisked off to Krog Bar for wine and olive oil tasting and then to Rathbun's to be spoiled utterly by the chefs since they all know J and I. We were sent out several very nummy things that we didn't request and I just adored my lobster taco! We were going to skip desert since we were stuffed but instead were given a platter of: home made blueberry ice cream in tiny lil cones, cantaloupe sorbet, fudge chocolate chip cookie with coffee ice cream on top, kahlua ice box cake with marscapone filling, and best of all orange creme brulee topped with fresh cherries. Ah, the food-gasms!

Finally, we stopped at a bookstore to pick up necessary things before heading to meet Tonya at Cheetah's for industry night (free drinks!) and she and I spent all night examining hoochie shoes and pointing out boob jobs.

I was exhausted by the time I got home, but I had a damn fine time. :P

Rumors of a party in July to celbrate my graduation and "officially old day" continue to circulate, so we'll see.


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