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When I got home last night after two twelve hour shifts and in the middle of a 14 hr shift, Jason was acting strange. He said he just woken up. I got pagedby the ER and of course he wanted to talk then. We start to talk things out but after a while I had to go to the ER. He was crying and threatening to pack, but agreed to wait an hour for me to come back to finish talking.

When I got home he was asleep in the bed. I was eating some leftovers and about to go to bed myself when he fell out of the bed, knocking over the fan. Then he threw up all over the bathroom and it smelled like alcohol. So I went in the kitchen, where I found a glass that looked like juice but tasted like alcohol.

I confronted him this morning and he lied again. So I broke it off.

I've told him what furniture he can have, etc. I've given him half the savings, but am no longer paying any of his bills. I told him I'd give him a week or 2 to figure out a place to stay, but he says his name is on the lease so I have to talk to the landlord.

I have to work 10 hrs today. Will also be looking in to a new bank account and getting myself off the 1 shared credit card. It may take a little longer to move my direct deposit and get the joint bank account taken care of as well. Lord only knows what he'll choose to do about the dogs.


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