Mar. 10th, 2013


Mar. 10th, 2013 06:12 pm
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OMFG if I don't vent I'll lose my bloody mind!

First, I'm told I need a dental implant that my insurance won't cover.

Then there's a leak at the GA house, which means repairs to the roof as well as cosmetic stuff. And even though the roof in under warranty, the company has closed. And the insurance company won't honor the warranty. Which means paying for the repairs and the insurance deductible out of my pocket.

Plus of course, it's time to pay my car insurance, take both animals to the vet, pay my home insurance (hah!) and renter's insurance. My car needs repairs...well really I need a new car but again with the money. Even if I figure out how to pay for the repair, there is no time to get it done!

If the money were not enough, the person out at work is not coming back on time. Another person just took a 2nd two week emergency leave in 6 months. And the person going out on maternity leave is not doing well. Needless to say I am covering way more than I want to.

Add in the freak-out by what seemed to be a sane guy, who is apparently having trouble after his last relationship (even though he really likes me -blech!) and a string of unpromising on line dates...

I have no idea how to calm down right now. I am angry and freaking the hell out. I can't pay for all of this. I have exactly 3 days off before the end of the month, unless you count the days I have to drive to Philly and back again for my niece's bday.

I need a god damned break and there's no way I can figure to get next vacation at work is not until JUNE! I'd take a weekend away, but that costs money.



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